An Authentic Japanese Cultural Experience in Osaka!

You can enjoy an authentic Japanese cultural experience at Studio 385N in Osaka.
And you can do it all for a good price.
We are looking forward to seeing you!
In Shodo, ‘’the way of writing’’, you will learn the art of writing beautiful Kanji characters.  
A professional Japanese  teacher will show you how to write in a lovely style.
■Every Friday
(1 Lesson is 60 min.)
■Price: 2000 yen/per person
※Reservation required
■Your lesson includes one of this omiyage(present) to take home
 ・Fudemaki (brush holder)
Sado (Experience Japanese green tea ceremony)
In Japan, there is a traditional tea ceremony called sado.

In sado, the master of the ceremony invites guests and serves Japanese traditional tea called matcha.

Sado is based on Japanese spirit of hospitality.

■Every weekday
■10:00~20:00 ( 1 hour)
​■Price: 3000 yen /per person
 ※Reservation required
■Your lesson includes
・Make Japanese green tea
​・Taste Japanese sweet

Cooking Class (Learn to cook classic Japanese dishes)

Why don't you learn to cook Japnese dishes in your hometown? 
You can make 'Makizushi' by 'Makisu ' which is Sushi mat. It is a bamboo mat used in food preparation. Taste it with Japanese soup here!
■Every weekday
■10:00~20:00 ( 2~3 hours)
​■Price: 3000 yen /per person
 ※Reservation required
 ※Children under 6 are free.

■ Your lesson includes

・Cook Makizushi

・Taste Japanese soup

■These omiyage (presents) to take home

・ Fresh rice (300g)

・A Makizushi Recipe

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Contact us
08038023850 (日本語)
09069832333 (English)
If you would like to join the experience or ask any question, contact us anytime, please.

Dress up in Yukata/Happi (Japanese clothes) 

Yukata is beautiful, traditional Japanese garment for girls and ladies. Happi is also a traditional Japanese garment for men and women at Omatsuri festivals.
Yukata and Happi are worn especially in summer. But you can try them anytime you want!
■Every weekday
​■Price: 1500 yen /per person
 ※Reservation required
■Your lesson includes
・Dress up in Yukata or Happi
・You can go for a walk
Learn Japanese culture.
Make Japanese stuff.
Japanese handicraft class
You can make three types.
 1.Hariyama(A pincushion)
 2.Fukuro(An owl)
 3.Saboten(A cactus)


They are made of Chirimen which is a traditional Japanese cloth.

Chirimen handiwork is silk fabric having a smooth and pleasant feel. Silk has been cherished as a material of Japanese kimono over the past three centuries. Scraps of chirimen are made into a variety of objects, such as flowers, birds, ・・

■Every Monday
■13:00~16:00 ( 1 hour)
​■Price: 3000 yen /per person
 ※Reservation required
Make a New Year ornament
This ornament is called Shimekazari.
It is placed across the top of the entrance to a house during New Year's holidays and served as a charm against evil spirits
■Every Mon/ Wed/ Friday
■10:00~20:00 ( About 2 hours)
​■Price: 3000 yen /per person
 ※Reservation required

Make a Shuincho (Stamp book of shrine)

This stamp book is called Shuincho. We can collect stamps of shrines or temples when we visit there. (It costs about ¥300.) Each signature is really cool! It will definitely be memorable for you.
■Every weekday
■10:00~20:00 ( About 2 hours)
​■Price: 3000 yen /per person
 ※Reservation required